Are YOU Keeping Your Top Talent

In a competitive market for top talent it is neither easy to find top talent nor keep them. Let’s face it most great companies have figured out that real success comes as a result of the hard work of their truly top performers. Don’t confuse the term top performers with highly paid employees as top performers can, and must, exist at all levels in an organization. This blog deals with what a leader must do to keep his or her top performers.

So what is the secret to keeping top talent?

First: Do you know them, really know them? “Knowing me” can vary by generation or demographic so be careful not to be too forced or rigid as you attempt to get to know your “A” players. Do you know what motivates them, do you know how best to communicate with them, do you know their weaknesses and their strengths? Do you team them with people who can fill in for their weaknesses?

Second: Do you empower them? Do you get out of their way and let them do their thing or do you feel compelled to create processes and boundaries to manage them? Some managers fear top performers yet great leaders recognize them as racehorses and know how to let them run. Like a racehorse it is sometimes necessary to hire someone just to clean up after your thoroughbreds. Your “C” players will resent the A players because they often test organizational limits and the C players often are handed a shovel to clean up any mess.

Third: Are you willing to develop them? If you ever find yourself thinking your top talent is a threat to you or your business and you need to limit what or who they know you will lose them eventually. Invest in them to make them more valuable not less.

Fourth: Do you inspire them? Will they follow you as a leader? Have you created a compelling vision for your organization that they want to be part of and help you achieve? Don’t expect them to work for anyone they don’t see as a top player.

So now you know the secret to keeping top talent? ……………..YOU!


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