A Proven Methodology

The Execution Maximizer™ is a proprietary methodology that helps CEOs and Executive Teams get from their Vision to real Execution and Results.

As a trained and licensed advisor I help CEOs implement tools, habits and a proven process in privately-owned, family-owned and closely held businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Our affiliates are proven resources who have a track record providing services to clients in areas such as people selection and leadership development, process decomposition, mapping and documentation, virtual CFO and finance activities, compensation, information technology, one-on-one leadership coaching and team development.

What Owners/CEOs Say About The Execution Maximizer™

The following testimonials are from business owners and CEOs who have experienced firsthand the power of The Execution Maximizer:


"We are a 105 year old company and never have established core values, a mission statement or defined our purpose. The Execution Roadmap© made it feasible and paved the way for our company to establish those key items for a company's foundation. We have never felt more passionate about our core values, mission statement and purpose. It was a great team building exercise for our company."

- Jill Duemeland, President, Duemelands Commercial


"Our company had tried many different attempts at Strategic Planning, utilizing inside and outside facilitation resources. We have created very impressive packages that conveyed all of the hard work we put into the process of Strategic Planning, but we had immense trouble converting these great plans into actionable results. The Execution Maximizer™ process is straightforward, direct and focused on the action part of the plan, which is really all that matters in business - whether or not one can successfully execute a plan."

- David F. Neyer, President and CEO, AL. Neyer, LLC


"Since starting our strategic planning process I have seen a renewed passion and commitment to results in my team. I especially value the focus The Execution Maximizer™ helped us bring to a few critical initiatives as opposed to trying to tackle a huge laundry list of projects."

- John Vikupitz, President, Netafim


"I would strongly recommend The Execution Maximizer™ process for any company looking to strengthen its management team and execute its strategic plan. I hired them six years ago because of our company's management disarray, lack of accountability and, quite frankly, we didn't have a plan. Today, our management team is clearly the #1 strength of the company. Every member is accountable and our results are significantly better than they would have been without this process. Any company will be better off and your employees will thank you."

- Jeff Wayne, President, Dynamic Back & Neck Therapy


"The Execution Maximizer™ process for keeping goals aligned to the strategic mission and for keeping team members on track throughout the year was excellent. Our team alignment improved dramatically, and we continue to maintain that alignment."

- Ben Paramore, CFO, The Triton Group

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