From Vision to Execution to Measurable Results

Every organization must articulate a view of the future so the team can have a common aspiration to work toward.

In order to help you define this view, execute on your plan and achieve results, my coaching process addresses the key areas of strategic planning, organizational alignment, change management, process improvement and performance monitoring. What enables my success is my experience applying this same process as a CEO while leading a team of over 500 professionals.

My Approach

Simplify the Complex

As the team's coach and facilitator my value is to listen to all participants and help condense many ideas into concise thoughts. This is critical to being able to achieve clarity of goals and communicate the plan to the entire organization.

Set the Right Priorities

Knowing the long term goals and vision for the organization is important. Knowing what to do next in order to achieve these goals is essential. Every quarter it is necessary to define the top priorities for the organization in order to continue to make progress toward your collective goals.

Choose Metrics that Drive Results

Fortunately what gets measured gets done. The right metrics allow you to create the desired behaviors necessary to achieve your priorities.

Establish a Rhythm

Establish a rhythm to measure progress, remove obstacles and instill accountability. Annually reset your strategy. Quarterly make corrections and react to changing conditions. Monthly keep the team aligned and focused on priorities. Weekly measure progress against agreed upon metrics. Daily change tactics and remove obstacles.

Align Your Team

Communicating the plan in simple terms with absolute clarity is essential to organizational alignment. If the organization understands the top priority and can see how they can contribute, much can be accomplished.

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