Leading Change

Creating a culture willing to accept change is an essential role for any CEO and the Executive Team. The proper metrics aligned with your top priorities will enable your team to successfully implement change.

What gets measured is key:

As part of the planning and execution process establishing and routinely measuring the right things necessary to implement organizational change is critical.

Data driven plan execution:

All organizations must have essential financial data, but most are a rear view look at what has happened; once reported it is too late to make changes necessary to impact results. To allow you to manage change your organization needs timely, and predictive, data. You need to monitor it frequently and make tactical changes to achieve desired results.

Use metrics, data and rhythm to manage change:

A change management process is critical to plan execution. Establishing "smart numbers" to drive longer term changes and "critical numbers" to allow you to fix an identified weakness over a short time are necessary for managing organizational change. This data enables you to react daily or weekly and change direction when necessary.

Change management infographic

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