Align Your Team Around the "Right" Things

Organizational alignment allows key business strategies to be executed as planned. My process will help you align your team, and their efforts, around your organization's top priorities.

Set Priorities

Much more is accomplished in an organization where everyone is aware of the top priorities and can see how they can contribute to achieving it.

Cascade Alignment from the Top Down

From the CEO to the Executive Team and through the entire organization understanding and aligning with the organization's top priorities is the key to successful plan execution.

Clarify Accountability

My coaching process provides clarity of accountability and sets a very disciplined rhythm to measure progress daily, weekly and monthly against the plan.

Organizational alignment infographic

What's in It For Me?

An effective plan should allow constituents to see how they can benefit from the desired results and how they can contribute to achieving the organization's priorities.

Building the Executive Team

Teamwork is difficult to achieve but it does not need to be complicated. When your team comes together and commits to what is best for the entire organization they can accomplish amazing results.

Your Work Is Never Done

Building and maintaining a truly functional team is hard work and a continuous process. Paying attention to these five critical components will allow you to be part of a great team: trusting each other; being engaged in passionate dialogue; support for critical decisions; holding each other accountable; collective not individual results.

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