Plan to Drive Growth, Then Execute

A proven strategic planning process coupled with disciplined execution can be the catalyst to drive business growth.

Don't just plan to plan; plan to drive growth. The strategic planning process is sometimes completed with the goal of creating a document to satisfy some other constituent such as a board or financial institution - good intentions, but too often a lack of results. My process will help you develop actionable growth strategies and align your organization toward your vision; I'll help you build a reliable framework for measuring progress and driving execution.

Your Credibility Is on the Line

Unless there is a mechanism in place to drive plan execution, the momentum generated during the planning process is soon lost. The hard work starts when you begin to implement the changes necessary to accomplish your team's goals. As an experienced CEO I know the value of a good plan; I also realize a great plan poorly executed will undermine the Executive Team's credibility. I can work with you to maximize execution by helping you set priorities, cascade alignment from the top down and clarify accountibility throughout your organization.

The Components of a Strategic Plan

Where We Do It: The Sandbox we exist in as an organization.

Where Are We Going: Jim Collins has called "The Where" in his book Good to Great your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG). As CEO, you might think of it as your Vision of where you can be as a company or organization if you execute your plans.

How Do We Get There: This is essentially three questions: How, What, When? The actionable pieces of your plan. Measurable goals along the way to your WHERE with specific accountabilities.

What Do We Do First: Priorities. You can only do so many things as an organization. Trying to do too many will cause you to do little. Knowing the top priority for the coming quarter is crucial to moving your organization in the desired direction.

Who We Hire: Core Values, or simply Rules, are an important part of leading an organization and the hiring and performance management process. Discovering your core values should be part of the planning process if they do not already exist within the organization. Core values provide a framework for good decision making "when no one is looking."

What We Do: The Organization's Mission. This acts as a filter, as do many components of your plan, for decision making. It is equally important for you to know what you don't do.

Why We Do It: What is your Purpose? Why does your organization exist? What are you and your team passionate about? What is your value proposition and how do you define value from a customer or constituent perspective? Lastly what is your Brand Promise or the guarantee to be expected by your customer?

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